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How to Raise a Confident Child

Children who are confident deal with situations better, come up with creative solutions, create happy lasting relationships, and go on to do great things with their lives as adults. Raising a confident child is not easy, but if you can take the time to nurture your child and support his independence, you’ll watch him turn from a dependent, shy person, into a child (and later adult) who is sure of himself and his actions


Help your child be confident by giving him lots of praise and encouragement. Praise his accomplishments and tell your child that he worked very hard to finish what he started. Make the praise be sincere. Don’t just praise the outcome your child creates, but praise his hard work. If your child completed a project for school, tell him that your proud of the time he put into finishing it, rather than telling him how great the project looks. In other words, don’t praise the object, praise the creator.

Foster confidence in your child by telling him you love him each and everyday…no matter what he has or hasn’t done. Your child needs to know that you love him unconditionally, and while most parents do, a child does not always know this if he has done something wrong. When a child has disappointed his parents, he may feel bad about himself and need the extra dotes of love. Tell your child that you ‘love him through all he does, bad and good, and that will never ever change, even if your upset with him.

Enhance your child’s confidence by trusting him to make his own decisions. Even at an early age, children need the space and independence to make decisions about certain things. You can help your child gain confidence by allowing him to choose what he wants for breakfast, what he can wear to school, what chore he wants to do first…etc. If you are not comfortable allowing your child to choose things all on his own or he is too young to make that decision, offer him two choices that you approve of and allow him to pick which he would like.

Promote confidence by offering support to your child in all that he does, even if you don’t agree with him. Your child may make decisions that he feels are right and you won’t always agree. It’s good to tell him this, but be sure to always support him and be understanding of why he wants certain things. Support also includes an open communication with your child. When your child knows you support him, even if you don’t agree with his decisions, he will be more apt to come to you to talk and this will help him form better relationships with other people in his life.



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